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Docent - Volunteer Tour Guide

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition defines “docent” as: docent (do’s ant, do-sent'). A teacher or lecturer at some universities who is not a regular faculty member. A lecturer or tour guide in a museum or cathedral.

The NorthWest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum defines
“docent” as: "The Heart and Soul of Car Collecting"

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Docent.
Our docents are the educators for the Museum and the personal outreach to our visitors. We conduct tours and help host special events for organized groups, school classes and individuals Most of all we enjoy contact with many interesting people from all over the world. 
Learn about fascinating early automobiles:
* Meet visitors from around the world *
 * Make new friends

 * Attend special event *
To read more about our Docent Program follow the steps to our
Docent Pages.

Docents at Steam-up Don, Chris, Carston

Thank You to our Dedicated Docents                                 By Doug Nelson


This goes out to all who served as docents (hosts) for our museum this summer. We had lots of fun, learned some new things and made many new friends, both among the troops and visitors.
The lesson that stands out is that docents need to find a way to engage the visitor. Some docents asked where the visitors were from, or how they found out about the museum. Others wondered what vehicle they liked best. We are now in the “Show” business — a certain glamour is rubbing off on our workers. Our visitors recognized your effort and were appreciative. Being open on weekends was a big plus for Powerland and the Museum.
The following members did docent duty one or more times this summer:
Don Feller, Docent Chairman; Bert and Lucy Harrison, Eric Olson and Marylyn Kongslie, Niles Olson, Frank Smith, Mike Bell, Ray Hansen, Mike and Mary Bostwick, Ron and Ann Sowerby, Marty Boehme, Neil Beutler, Jerry and Sandy Grulkey, Roy Asbahr, Dale Poteet, Don and Joanne Blaine, Ron and Lou Rawlings, Steven and Connie Miller, Gene Walker, Bud Wright, Karyn Phau, Craig Hannum, Ed and Mary Webber, Doug Nelson, Andy Voytilla, Dean McKnight, Gene Jacobs, Mike Bade, John and Bev Chandler, Tom Kneeland, Don Petersen, Rusty Medearis, Bill Barnell, Roger White, Ken and Jean Dietrich, Bill Hellie, Jim Comfort, Tom Ruttan, Arnie and Linda Anderson, Bob and Elaine Hickman, Brice Fortier, Mike Ricks, Steve Zielinski, Dave Ricks, Jean Winsor, Tony Vassallo, Dennis Gilman, Lee Franklin, Dave Mulhern, Burt Edwards and Marshall Nelson. Our apologies to anyone not recognized.
You now have officially one year under your collective belts.

If you would like to sign up for our Docent Training and to volunteer please contact Chief Docent, Don Feller (503-639-1816) or Doug Nelson (503-399-0647)