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Update for the Ladies  By Joanne Blain



The Ladies of the Museum had a great time at the Steam Up this year.  We had our own display and the quilt that we had made last year was hanging up in our area.  It was a beautiful red, white and blue quilt that many of the ladies spent hours in the making, quilting and sewing of.  We had a great time working on the quilt together.

    The Steam Up had some pluses and minuses in that we didn’t have enough people to work the hours that would have given the ones that did some rest, but we had a good time.  My sister came and helped out one day with me and we sat with our little Singer Featherweight sewing machines at our Featherweight table and sewed some squares for a quilt that was to go to someone that was very special to both of us.  We had a lot of good comments and questions about our sewing and the machines that we were sewing with.

The special lady that won the quilt was Rose Meadows from Albany, Oregon.  The quilt was delivered to her the next weekend by Connie Miller who was going to be in the area on a car tour with one of her clubs.  Rose was very surprised and said that she just loved the quilt and the pillow shams.

It would be great if we had a few more ladies that would join us in our effort around the museum.  We have a wonderful time and are building some great friendships.

Thanks to everyone who helped out this year and we are looking forward to starting the next quilt.  If you would like to join us you can email me at reb.mlb@netzero.net or call me at 503-245-5444.




Ladies' brown traveling ensemble

Ladies’ brown traveling ensemble plus miscellaneous accessories.  Photo by Mike Bode


      Speaking of hats, we have chosen to feature hats from various periods this year for our theme display. You will enjoy seeing all of the different styles from the very simple to the more ornate.

Hats are the theme this year, displayed from Sandy Grulkey’s collection.

Hats are the theme this year, displayed from Sandy Grulkey’s collection.

:  Lousie Feskins shares her collection of lovely clothing.  

 Lousie Feskins shares her collection of lovely clothing.


Fundraising Update 2012     By Doug Nelson

As we head into our eleventh year it is time to take a serious look at raising funds to build the front of our museum building.  The J. M. Murdock Trust has encouraged the Museum to go for a second major grant to help complete our building to be built on the existing 60’ x100’ slab.  The Trust would fund the last $140,000 after we raise the first $185,000.  The key to a successful fundraising campaign is to have contribution levels that are comfortable for all members and friends of the museum.  Before starting the first phase of our building we sold $45,000 worth of paver stones, and a generous donor stepped up with a matching $45,000. The front part of that slab remains in place and is ready to use.  In addition the underground utilities are in place ready to use. For the purpose of this fundraising effort we are taking credit for $75,000 worth of improvements.

Our present challenge is to raise $185,000 in new funds to qualify for the Murdock Trust grant . How do we do this?  First, we have all the yet-unsold stones in place at the front of our building. When a $125  6” x 12” stone is sold,  $100 goes directly into the building fund.  Same with a 12” x 12”  $250 stone, $200 goes to the building fund.  Therefore, when we sell 300 to 500 paver stones we can bank up to $50,000.  We have done this once before and we can do it again!

Second, as a non-profit organization, we can accept donations of cash, stock, and personal property.  The donor may receive a tax benefit along with the knowledge that their donation is going to build a lasting facility. (Read further to see how you can help this way).

Third,  other foundations have building funds available for charitable organizations such as ours. The challenge is to identify them and to make them aware of what we doing for the community.  The membership is encouraged to help in this area.

Fourth, we are planning a fundraising auction next year.  May 18, 2013 is the target date.  Put that on your calendar now and plan to attend.  It will be held in the main display building and will be an invitational sit down dinner auction conducted by Pat and Pat Brothers. The museum will provide the people power.  This event will take the place of our spring potluck for the coming year.  It promises to be a fun event!

Included below is a pledge agreement.  Currently we have $5,700 as a result of three committed pledge agreements! This is a great start.  Please consider this as a way to donate and budget your funds over the next 1-2 years.  A signed pledge for any amount counts  towards our commitment  to match the potential Murdock Trust grant.  The folks at the Murdock Trust would like us to raise  40% of the $185,000 before we submit our final application.  When we have achieved this amount, it will greatly enhance our ability to obtain the grant.  All pledge agreements will be kept in confidence.  A running total will be publicized as we move forward and close in on our goal. 


Sample of Pledge Agreement....



To the Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum located at 3995 Brooklake Road N.E., Salem, Oregon,  the undersigned pledges the following amount:   


$_________________   to the Museum for use in the construction of Phase #2 of the main display building.


Your pledge is payable upon the final commitment from the J. M. Murdock Trust to fund their portion of the project.


_____________________________          _________________       

Name Date


_____________________________          _________________

Museum Representative                            Date      


 To print your own click here






Photobook 2011old motorcycleold car

Mike Bade produced our first-ever photo record in booklet form of the summer show season. All the cars and motorcycles are featured in living color with ownership information attached. Photos are by Mike Bade and Mike Spady. The two Mikes captured the flavor and richness of our exhibit. Also featured are Sandy and Jerry Grulkey in period costume.
This booklet is available at cost of $7.50. It is our intention to produce next year’s photobook early in the season and sell them during Steam-Up as a fundraiser. 
Call Doug Nelson 503-399-0647 for your copy of this historic record of achievement.
Clockwise: 1913 Flying Merkel, built and owned by Chris Culter of Dallas, Or.;
1940 Graham “Sharknose,” restored
and owned by Vern Ivy of Eugene; 1931 Buick Sport Coupe, owned by Pat Boyd, North Carolina.

Photos by Mike Bade and Mike Spady



The Jensen Interceptor A Fundraiser                          By Doug Nelson

The future sale of this donated Jensen Interceptor will benefit the museum. 


A 1971  Jensen Interceptor has been donated to the museum by an anonymous party.  It will be available for purchase in the future.  Look it up and see if you might be in love.  The proceeds will go to fund the Museum.

      Now is a good time to keep in mind that the museum is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Cars exceeding $500 must be appraised for value in order for the owner to use it for a tax donation. 

The Museum may elect to display, store or sell the vehicle.  Proceeds can be used to fund operations, go toward the building fund or be placed in the endowment fund.   The vehicle is then put back into circulation and hopefully the new owner will participate in the activities of the museum.    Other items of value, such as coins, antique collections, etc. may also be appropriate for fundraising.