NW Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum

Paver Stone Fundraiser - update October 2012


Automobiles and motorcycles and their memorabilia are an American love affair. Who can forget their first solo drive? Today's youth need to know the automotive past. They will be the ones restoring these treasures in a few short years.

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The Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum is a group of people who are interested in vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The Museum is an entirely volunteer, membership-owned museum open to people of all ages, with or without a vehicle. One of our first sponsoring members is a lady in her eighties who just wanted to be supportive!


Become part of this exciting historical project by joining for as little as $48.00 Single member or $60 for Family.


To become a member click here.


Enshrine your name in the sidewalk in front of the museum. You can purchase a personalized paver brick for only $125.  Larger company stones are available for $250. See the paver bricks below. To purchase a paver stone click here.


Paver Stones Engraved On-Site                           Story and photos by Ed Weber

On September 12th, Gabriel and Grepavestone1g from Oregon Memorials engraved 37 paver stones.  First, individual stones were located with slips of paper, and then the stencils were pressed onto the stones.  The boys literally lay on their bellies picking out the details within the stencils.  Finally, Gabriel and Greg blasted out the characters with fine garnet abrasive.  They finished the job by blowing out all the sand, painting the characters, and then removing all the stencils.




Is it time for you to buy a paver stone?  Perhaps that new grandchild needs one, or your new in-laws do.  Always been meaning to buy one but haven’t gotten around to it?  Now is your chance!  The complete paver stone order form appears to the right.  Fill it out and send it in today!


Regarding the Space Between the Paver Stones and the Door:

Rosemary Bostwick Presents a Fundraising Challenge!

By Rosemary Bostwick

I want the men of this organization to know that I am giving the Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum a gift of $700 towards the building of the front half of the building.  I challenge you all to match or exceed my gift for the same purpose.  I want to see this building completed and the Museum standing on its own feet in the near future.  Ladies, you are welcome to join in this challenge also!