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The mission of the museum is to promote the life-long education of our community, by interpreting the heritage, history, and evolution of automobiles and motorcycles over twenty-five years old.  Appropriate activities generate interest, fund raising, and a sense of fun and camaraderie among the members and visitors.


ANNOUNCEMENT:  We are open every weekend from the
                                May 19th to September 30th, 2012

                                Our hours are Saturdays and Sundays
                                from 9:30 am to 4:00pm.


NW Vintage Car and Cycle Museum Introduction Spring 2012. Dave Nelson takes you on a tour of the museum in Brooks, Oregon, and tells about its goals and future outlook. See some of the museum and learn about the high school Model T program.




Start your engines for The 2012 showcase!

By Doug Nelson                                                                                       Photos by Mike Bade

Vern Ivy's 1955 StudebakerEach year from May through September we display vintage cars and motorcycles in the Museum.

     A goal of this program is to encourage our membership to participate and show their vehicles and share them with the community at large and, of course, promote the Museum.  This year we have more outstanding examples for your viewing pleasure.  Because of space, only a few of the amazing photos by member Mike Bade are printed here (and inside, Larry Leek's 1913 Center Door Studebakercheck out pages 2 and 3).  To see full-color photos of all the vehicles in this summer’s exhibit, visit our website at www.nwcarandcycle.org.

The display committee decided to feature Studebakers in honor of the folkswho contributed to the Studebaker neon sign now mounted on the east wall of the Museum.  The featured Studebakers on display include Larry Leek’s 1913 all-original Center Door Sedan.  Mike Larsen’s 1924 Big 6 Touring is an impressive red and black “beast” with rare factory disk wheels.  Vern Ivy’s green and yellow 1955 Speedster, a one-year-only model that can best be described as “wild” in design.  Richard......See more one ON DISPLAY 2012

 A Sad Farewell to our founding

member and friend, Larry Leek


Leek, Larry Albert 69 March 10, 1943 Oct. 14, 2012 Larry passsed away Sunday from a long-term illness. Larry was born in Oak Park, Ill. and moved to Salem in 1952. Harry began working with his father at Kreitzberg Aviation in Salem, which became Microflect Co. Larry was the second employee, his father being the first employee. He worked there for 38 years, and then went to work for River City Machine. He was a founding member of the Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum in Brooks and volunteered at Anitque Powerland and the "Great Oregon Steam Up" for over 30 years. Services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20 at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service. Larry is survived by his wife, Linda; sons, Randy Leek(Kimberly), Zane (Carol); four step-grandchildren, Paul, Shane, Troy and Allison Miller; and by brother, Roger Leek. Donations to Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum in Brooks, PO Box 15, Salem, OR 97308-0015.

A Place to Remember John Chandler

In Memoriam:     John William Chandler       April 26, 1938 - July 31, 2012

 Chandler gazebo

On July 31st, we all lost a very good friend.  John Chandler passed away from complications following a heart operation.  John was an active and integral John W Chandlermember of the Museum, serving as our first (and only) treasurer and working diligently to improve the grounds and Museum programs. 

    Just two weeks after his death, at the August 15 board meeting, the Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum voted to name the Museum’s show field “Chandler Field” in honor of John.  John was very proud of the field and he worked hard in its development.  He very much enjoyed seeing shows and other events being held on “his” field.

Ed Weber took on the task of designing and erecting a sign.  On August 29, Arnie Anderson and Ed placed the “Chandler Field” sign under the eave of the gazebo facing the show field.  They also placed a directional sign on the Texaco Station that points to “Chandler Field.”

John Chandler passed away on July 31, 2012, due to complications from heart surgery.  He is survived by Beverly, his wife of 48 years, and children Brad Chandler, Lara Chandler Tiffin, and Cindi Chandler Polychronis.  He had five grandchildren and three great-children.

   A lifelong collector and builder of antique cars, John was a founding member and treasurer of the Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum.

   John made a larger-than-life impression on so many.  He was known for his gregarious personality, his love for his family and all those who considered him family.  Though he was a strong, masculine man, he was an extremely compassionate, thoughtful, and generous person who was always helping others.  He made everyone feel special.

A memorial service was held August 6 at Gateway Foursquare Church. If you would like to make a donation in honor of John’s life, the family asks that it be made to the Museum.

A Note From Bev Chandler...

The family of John Chandler would like to thank Museum members for the cards, phone calls, pictures, flowers, memorial donations and other expressions of love and support for John and for us.  The showing of antique cars at John’s service was a heartwarming surprise for the family.

    John found great joy in his involvement in the Museum.  Over the last decade, the Museum has been a very important part of our lives.  With you, John found a community of friends who became extended family.  Thank you for the support you have given us over the years, and especially thank you for your outreach on the last two months.”

In Memoriam: Tom Newton           March 30, 1925 - July 5, 2012

Tom Newton
Tom Newton, a member of the Museum, passed on July 5, 2012 at his home in Dallas, Oregon.  He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Darla, daughters Darcy Newton Irwin and Tamara Newton Baker, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Tom was a WWII veteran and flew missions over Germany.  Tom was a real car guy.  He served as president of the Studebaker Club and was active in a number of other car organizations.  In 1966 Tom founded the fly-in and car show for the annual Rotary Breakfast in the Park, now the Tom Newton Rotary Car Show.  In 2011 the Museum displayed Tom’s 1936 Studebaker Sedan.  He will be missed by the car community he so loved.



Ten Years of Accomplishments by the

Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum


· Organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in 2002

· Constructed a 1938 Vintage Texaco Gas Station in 2003

· Grew to over 300 members

· Established a beautiful outdoor campus with 40 shade trees

· Paved the road all the way to the station and campus

· Sold 562 paver stones to help finance main Museum building

· Sponsored 10 High School Car Shows

· Visited 51 car and motorcycle clubs

· Conducted 26 vintage car & motorcycle informational seminars

· Received 8 vintage cars, 3 motorcycles, 1 scooter as donations

· Sponsored 8 vintage shows and swap meets

· Obtained Powerland’s first seismic site study

· Participated in over 52 shows and meets

· Became a participating member of Powerland’s planning council and Board of Governors

· Presented Texaco Gas Station for photo shoots

· Visited other regional vintage museums

· Finished construction on Phase I of the large Museum Exhibit Hall

· Obtained several grants to enhance the Museum’s educational efforts

· Established a web site: nwcarandcycle.org

· Published 38 quarterly issues of the Museum’s newsletter

· Constructed a gazebo on the outdoor campus

· Sponsored a speedster building program with Salem/Keizer School District

· Installed all 2,100 paver stones in front of new exposition building.

· Finished construction on the Museum’s garage building.

· Won 2 National Museum awards for the Speedster & High School Car Show Programs.

· Successfully displayed vintage cars & motorcycles to the public during May through October of the 2011 & 2012 exposition years.




We are in our 10th year and we have come a long way with the help of everyone –

and with a great deal of help from a few. One of the few that did a great deal and was always there when we needed him was John Chandler, who passed recently. John was our treasurer and a wonderful person to his family, his friends, his community, the Museum and all who know him. He is missed by all.

Can you become one of the members that make up one of the small group of members that are working very hard for all of us?  Let’s make it a large group! I would like to thank all of the people for their hard work and dedication to the Museum. The meetings are the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Gas Station at Brooks and everyone is welcome to attend.  Ladies, if your husband is interested, you can get involved as we have a ladies group that meets at the same time.  Come and see how they have made the Museum more interesting.  Please try to come, the more members that get involved the easier it is for everyone.

At this time we have two very important positions that need filling – the Board Secretary and the Treasurer.  Please call or email Mike Bostwick if interested, these need to be filled as soon as possible.

The Speedster Group is starting its 5th year with new ideas and a few new Mentors. The Speedster Program is a great benefit to the Museum and if you can help please come and help.

Thank you for being a member and supporting the Museum.


President Mike Bostwick


Marvin Nisly’s Trailer:  A Moving Billboard!

By Doug Nelson

 Marvin Nisley's Trailer

Museum member Marvin Nisley and Museum Vice President Tom Ruttan show off Marvin’s rolling artwork.



Marvin Nisley had a great idea.  Why not take the Museum on the road?  His answer: put a picture on the back of his car trailer for all the world to see! Thanks to Jim Lienemann for the original artwork and Mark Adams of Supervinyl for the enlargement.  When you see this image going down the road, honk and give Marvin a “thumbs up” in appreciation! 






Jubitz Truck Stop Display
Partnership and Opportunity!
  by Doug Nelson

Our museum has developed a new partnership with Jubitz in Portland, similar to an agreement

with the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum and Jubitz.  We are displaying a car on a rotating basis in their retail lobby and in turn we have the opportunity to advertise the Museum and collect donations.

     Currently on display is a 1951 Buick Woody owned by Doug and Kay Nelson.  It has been popular with the Jubitz patrons and many pictures have been taken.  Several people have now come to Powerland as a  result of the display.

If you are interested in having your vehicle on display at Jubitz for a 3-6 month time period, contact Doug Nelson at 503-399-0647.




Carston being patriotic for a fallen soldierAmerican Flag to Fly at Museum

By Doug Nelson


Members of the Beaver Chapter from Portland of the Model "A" Ford Club of America have donated over $700 for a flag and flag pole to be constructed near the Museum's Texaco service station.  A pole owned by Museum member Bill Hellie, is available for our use.  This project is a go and will be completed prior to the Steam-Up in July! 
Thank you Model "A" people and Bill Hellie!





The Not-So-Tall Tale of the Very Tall Flagpole   By Doug Nelson


It was a cold and rainy day and our flag pole donated by Ken Austin was laying forlornly on the  on the ground awaiting its moment of rebirth.  Our hero, the white bearded Marvin Nisley,  arrived on the scene to save the day.  Armed with an assortment of tools and some friends with a large truck, he directed a four-foot-deep hole to be drilled.  After drilling the hole, this happy crew promptly filled it with concrete except for a center tube of plastic pipe large enough to hold the flag pole.  At this point, our hero and his friends left because as everyone knows, concrete has to set up.     Two days later Marvin returned to find the concrete hard and his plastic pipe firmly in place. So firmly in place that it would not come out as planned.  I am told, as I was not there to witness the event , that the very air we all breathe was turned blue in the neighborhood as Marvin tried for three hours to separate the pipe from the concrete.  Marvin is a resourceful and persistent fellow and would not let the pipe get the best of him.  Fortunately for all of us, our hero prevailed and the pipe came out in pieces, I’m told.

Later,  Marvin’s two friends and their boom truck reappeared and the flagpole was carefully lifted by a fiber sling , as to not scratch it , and it was set in the concrete base.  The smile on Marvin’s face was worth all the effort when he placed his special newfangled level on the flag pole and proudly pronounced the job well done!

Our special thanks to Ken Austin for donating the flag pole and to members of the Beaver Chapter of the Model A Ford Club for their cash donation to purchase the flag and materials.





The first annual car club rendezvous was a qualified success given the uncertain weather conditions.

     Eight clubs combined to bring 39 cars and trucks to the meet.  Twenty-two other cars and trucks came and were not associated with any club. Three motorcycles also showed up.  The clubs that were represented:


Willamette Valley Street Rods


Willamette Valley Model T Ford Club


Beaver Chapter of the Model A Ford Club


Silverton  Flywheels


Obsolete Fleet Chevrolets


Henry’s Half Tons


Model A Ford Club of Albany


Buick Club of America, Portland Chapter


The folks from the Brooks Historical Society served breakfast and lunch during the show.  This is the main way they fund money for their museum, the Brooks Depot, at Antique Powerland.  Their effort was much appreciated.

Many thanks to those members of our museum who came early and stayed late to register our guests and be  gracious hosts at the show.  Special thanks to member Arnie Anderson who took charge of parking the vehicles in a very attractive manner.

At 1:15 pm, the predicted rains came and suddenly the outside party was over but continued inside the Museum for another hour or so. Thanks to all who came to the show.  Hopefully we can build on this and have a larger  show and more sunshine next year.

In Memoriam:

Paul Treber memoriamPaul “Skeeter” Treber

Sept. 19, 1935 - Dec. 31, 2011



Paul “Skeeter” Treber passed on New Year’s Eve, 2011. He is survived by his wife, Kate.  Paul and Kate have been active and loyal friends and members of the Museum, often driving their Model A Ford pickup to events and offering the pickup for display.  At his request, no funeral or service will be held.  A celebration of life ceremony is planned for this summer, date to be announced.  Our condolences to his family and friends.


Thanks for the Donations!            By Ed Weber

We’d like to offer a heartfelt and public thank you to:


* Ken Austin, gift of 36 foot flagpole.

* Debbie and Tony Vassallo, in remembrance of her father, Robert B.     Kennedy, his collection of Ford books.

 * Ardell Johnson, gift of books, oil bottle, trouble light, jacks, magazines.

 * Will and Wendy Warner, gift of 1951 Chevrolet Pickup.

* Marty Boehme, for the donation of many books and magazines from his personal collection.

All those folks who renewed their memberships.

All those folks who donated some extra money along with their dues.


Every item and every dollar is greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU!




1910 REO (with a Great Story)

Joins Summer Display

By Doug Nelson

Gary Hodges’ 1910 Reo has been in his family for 102 years!

 Gary Hodges’ 1910 Reo

Museum member Gary Hodges’ original unrestored REO will be on display at the museum this summer. It has been in Gary’s family since it was purchased in 1909 by his great grandfather, on his mother’s side. It was purchased in Sacramento, California and driven to Paisley, Oregon and the family ranch . His great grandfather passed on in 1914 and the REO went to Gary’s grandfather who gave it to Gary in the 1950s, when it then came to Salem. Therefore, it has spent its entire existence in one family in Oregon.
At one time in the 1960’s, there were quite a few early REOs in the Salem area owned by different collectors. Most have gone to other owners or have moved out of the area, but the Hodges’ REO remains in Salem and in the same family. Gary has no plans to restore his REO because, as the saying goes, “it’s only original once.” Gary is looking for a top and windshield, so any help would be appreciated. It is very special to be in the same family for 102 years...especially for a car!

The Docent Program Needs YOU!     By Doug Nelson


Image created by Laura Nelson, with apologies to J.M. Flagg

Don Feller docents needed

Uncle Don wants YOU to be a docent at the Museum this coming show season.  It is the patriotic thing to do!  It is also the fun and personally rewarding thing to do. 

    Our display building will be filled with rare motor vehicles for sharing with the public.  The job of the docents is to play host to these folks in a friendly manner and let our guests enjoy the experience at their own pace.  Many want to share their family car history (“My grandfather had…”)  Docents are good listeners.  It is not necessary to know all the details or history of each vehicle.  Reference materials will be provided.

  The Museum will be open on weekends from May 19 through September 30.  Host times are from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 12:30 to 4:00.  You may do a half day or bring a lunch and do a full day.  It is a great time to serve with a spouse or a buddy.  Period clothing is optional, as is driving your vintage car or bike.  

Don Feller will hold a docent training class on Sat., April 21, 2012 at 10 am in the main Display Building.  Call or email him at 503-639-1816 or d.feller@ frontier.com.  Answer the call to join Uncle Don’s army!


Donor Board Completed!                By Doug Nelson


Donor board being worked onEd Weber conceived and took the lead in producing the building construction recognition board now mounted in our display building.  This board contains 384 wooden tiles and 352 are already engraved with names of founding members, those who purchased paver stones, those who donated to the “step-forward” program and “cash” challenge donors.  We could not have constructed the building without their help.

There are 32 blank tiles for future donations (hint, hint).

Members who assisted Ed with various tasks were Mary Weber, Arnie and Linda Anderson, John and Bev Chandler and Doug Nelson.

Thanks, Ed, for completion of yet another outstanding project.

Donor board complete


Top photo: Linda Anderson, Mary Weber, Arnie Anderson, and John and Bev Chandler attach backing to each donor’s tile.

Bottom photo: Ed Weber is pictured with our new 4’ x 8’ donor board.




Photobook 2011old motorcycleold car

Mike Bade produced our first-ever photo record in booklet form of the summer show season. All the cars and motorcycles are featured in living color with ownership information attached. Photos are by Mike Bade and Mike Spady. The two Mikes captured the flavor and richness of our exhibit. Also featured are Sandy and Jerry Grulkey in period costume.
This booklet is available at cost of $7.50. It is our intention to produce next year’s photobook early in the season and sell them during Steam-Up as a fundraiser. 
Call Doug Nelson 503-399-0647 for your copy of this historic record of achievement.
Clockwise: 1913 Flying Merkel, built and owned by Chris Culter of Dallas, Or.;
1940 Graham “Sharknose,” restored
and owned by Vern Ivy of Eugene; 1931 Buick Sport Coupe, owned by Pat Boyd, North Carolina.

Photos by Mike Bade and Mike Spady






Museum Offers LivePostcard.com

By Doug Nelson


Our museum is taking the lead on a new program of benefit to visitors to Powerland.
A Salem company owned by Kevin Roudebush has put together a unique program using a digital camera and the internet. When a visitor comes to the Museum, one of our hosts takes their picture and saves it to a card. When the visitor goes home, they can email this picture to friends and relatives. The picture is put on a template that describes the museum and has links to other attractions. It does not cost us anything, in fact, if we do enough volume, we may actually make some money. The main benefit to the Museum is the exposure gained when visitors spread the word with the photo. It is another example of the “social” media that is becoming a major way of communicating in this 21st century.
We have already had positive feedback on this program from visitors.

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